miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012

Sexy Prophets

2012 is a scary year for some, since it's in that same year (December 21, 2012 to be exact) that the Mayan calendar suddenly comes to an end, which would eventually mean the Apocalypse. Of course, that doesn't necessarily has to happen (a new discovery proved that wrong) but, what if it IS true?

If anything, we've been warned a long time ago. And no, it wasn't when Whitney met Bobby. Or when the boys and girls from Jersey Shore actually met. It was circa 1982 and the messengers were two blazing hot sisters sporting heavy makeup, dangerous hairdos, tight hot pants and long hooker boots. These weren't your average sisters: one was the runnerup for Miss Venezuela 1979 and became a bonafide sex symbol afer an accidental topless got her disqualified in that year's Miss World peagant. The other was a soap-opera actress and ocassional singer.

So how did these two women, Tatiana and Marita Capote, jointly anticipate the end of the world? It happened as soon as they grabbed a mic and started butchering a New Wave tune from Frida Lyngstad, post-ABBA. They were invited to a variety television show in Venezuela and performed a half-dead version of Frida's "I Know There's Something Going On". Singing to a virtually mute and possibly baffled audience, the Capote singers strutted around the set, worried about the end of love and latching scary eyes at the cameramen. Something was indeed going on! (the source of the original video got cut off at the very end. Maybe the guy who was taping it was scared enough.)

Before that zombie rendition, the girls took on another Frida single, the rockier "Tell Me It's Over" and their attitude was just the same: they claimed that life without their men "is phony" and that they didn't want to be alone. Those lyrics carried such emotion, but the Capotes didn't care a bit, as they turned their backs to the audience to show there was little to the imagination of those nasty 1980s glittery hot pants.

After this experience, the world carried on and so did Tatiana and Marita. But shall we ask, for how long? Frida has not expressed any concern at all, and neither the state of Truman Capote, who has no relation to the girls whatsoever. But I just watched the whole thing and I'm left wondering...how long?

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